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Aprotec Instrumentation Ltd. UK_tn

Solder paste inspection.
Aprotec Instrumentation provides an extensive series of bench top non-contact solder paste precision measuring systems; automatic and manual with laser options. These systems meet the needs of today’s demanding PCB production and assembly environment.
Solder reclamation.
The Solder SaverTM offers the opportunity to rapidly recycle dross created in the wave solder pot, thereby saving up to 50% in new solder bar purchases.


CCRCo, LLC.usa

The only truly ESD safe Conformal Coating Removal Workstations.

These fully self-contained, non-chemical bench top workstations are used worldwide in electronic repair when the removal of conformal coating of any type (acrylic, epoxy, parylene, silicone and urethane) is required. Because CCRCo is the only manufacturer supplying reusable cutting media, their systems have the lowest running cost.


DIMA Group BVrus_tn

DIMA Dispense Technology

Dispensing & coating machines, curing ovens (IR & UV)

DIMA Dispense Technology develops machines based on experience with production techniques and process knowledge. Developing modular systems that can be reconfigured for future needs, DIMA can offer machines to small companies as well as to multinationals who want to gear up their production. The focus of Dima DT is on applications like selective conformal coating, under fill, glob-top, potting, precision dot dispensing, dispensing sealing’s and gaskets, etc. …

DIMA SMT Systems – Manual, semi-automatic & automatic pick and place machines, convection reflow ovens, manual & semi-automatic stencil printers, board handling (conveyors, line loaders & unloaders), manual component taping, software …

DIMA SMT Systems develops since 1986 machines based on experience with production techniques and process knowledge. Developing modular systems that can be reconfigured for future needs, DIMA can offer machines to small OEM companies as well as to multinationals who want to gear up their production. DIMA products always offer the best price performance ratio currently available in the industry.



Automatic optical inspection & first article inspection.

The InspectoScan range offers optical inspection equipment and software for quality control for both SMD & PTH assembly, conformal coating and finishing environments.


Gen3 Systems Ltd.UK_tn


Gen3 Systems is a specialist manufacturer of award-winning industry standard benchmark measurement equipment; ContaminometerTM CM Series cleanliness or ionic contamination testing.

Stencil Cleaning

The GensonicTM manual stencil cleaning system uses a 40kHz on-contact ultrasonic transducer for high efficiency cleaning of stencil apertures.


Interflux Electronics NVbel_tn

Consumables for the electronics assembly and the PCB manufacturing industry: soldering flux, solder wire,
solder paste, …

Interflux® is specialized in the manufacturing of soldering fluxes for the electronics assembly and the PCB manufacturing industry. With the development of the IF 2005M No-residue™ soldering flux, Interflux® became a pioneer in no-clean soldering.
Today halogen free or ZERO halogen products is an important issue. Some customers ask if Interflux® does also provide its own range of special halogen free/zero halogen products now? The answer is NO!
For more than 25 years now Interflux® products are absolutely halogen free, by rule.


InterSpray, a division of Interflux Electronics NVasia_tnfr_tn

Retrofit & stand alone multi-layer spray fluxers and selective micro drop fluxers for wave soldering.

As a division of Interflux® InterSpray can fully rely on +25y of experience and the know how of a flux manufacturer. The decision to design a spray fluxer was taken after the market introduction of water based VOC-free fluxes. A new application technology was needed as the existing ones did a very bad job with these fluxes. InterSpray designed a robust and versatile spray fluxer based on their innovative Multi-Flux Layer Concept & Full Cone Venturi Spray Nozzle for optimum solderability results. InterSpray has +10y experience with their Multi-layer Flux Application technology & retrofitting spray fluxers.
Multi-layer flux application ensures perfect flux filling of the Pin Through Holes and guarantees 100% topside filling. It allows applying the required amount of flux without excess and reduces residue built-up.


InterSelect GmbHger_tn

Selective soldering machines & nitrogen generators.

The new generation of batch, in-line and high volume modular in-line selective soldering machines. Simple, flexible and cost saving by optimum process reliability.


Meter Mix® Systems Ltd.UK_tn

Resin mixing, metering & dispensing machines & systems.

Machines for metering & dispensing of single part materials; mixing, metering & dispensing of two-part materials; gear pump machines for constant output dispensing; vacuum & de-gassing process chambers and automated dispensing systems.

Materials successfully processed using Meter Mix® equipment include epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, polysulphide, polyester and methacrylate based resins, which are utilized in a wide diversity of manufacturing operations.